Setting up and manage an auto responder on SmarterMail

Auto responders are useful when going on holidays, for instance, when you know you will be unable to attend to your mail on regular basis and you want to let people know.

It should be noted that having a “permanent” auto responder is generally a bad idea as there is a possibility you will fall in a loop if you email someone else with an auto responder, but most servers have tools to prevent such issue now a days.

Setting up an auto reply on outlook is also possible to a certain extent, however, this is not an ideal auto responder as you would have to keep outlook open and running for this to work.

The ideal solution is to do it on the server, this can be done via SmarterMail:

Step 1: Login to SmarterMail
Go to (replacing by your own domain) and login

Step 2: Click on settings
The settings button is on the left hand side, on older version of smarter mail it is part of the menu at the top

Step 3: click on the auto responder link on the left hand side

Step 4: Select the enable auto-responder option
Please note: we strongly advise you leave “Limit responses to once daily” which will block any possible loop.


Step 5: click the message tab at the top and enter the detail you want.

Note: you can enter a start and end date for the auto responder, if you do so, do not forget to tick the “Enable active date range” option.
Once you are done simply click on the save button.