Setting up an auto forwarder on SmarterMail

From time to time you want to have an auto forwarder set up on an email account. Please note that this solution should be considered as temporary as the email account will still exist.
If you are looking for a permanent redirect please contact us and request for an alias to be created instead. Using an alias will forward anything send to a specific email user without the need for a full account to exist on the server.

Step 1: Login to SmarterMail
Go to (replacing by your own domain) and login

Login to smartermail

Step 2: Click on settings
The settings button is on the left hand side, on older version of smarter mail it is part of the menu at the top

Going to settings on smartermail

Step 3:

  • Click on account settings on the left hand side
  • Click on the Forwarding tab
  • Enter the email you wish to forward to
  • Click delete message on forward if this suits you. Bear in mind that if you do not the space allocated continues to fill with mail, if the space is full the autoforwarding will fail.
  • Click on save when you are done.

Settings up a smartermail forwarder