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Search Engine Marketing

Flo Web Design is highly experienced with SEO, as a result, we make sure that all our sites are developed in a search engine friendly fashion to ensure your site will receive full consideration from the search engines. As part of our services, we can write meta tags for each page of your site and take the time to register all sites on Bing Webmaster tools as well as Google Webmaster Tools, including submission of a site map.




SEO & Digital Marketing
SEO & Digital Marketing

Flo Web Design SEO Services

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of visitors to your website through organic search results within the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The vast majority of visitors to the web begin their visit on a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo find their required service. Therefore, it stands to reason that the more frequent your website appears in the organic search results the more traffic will be directed to your site from search engine users.


To stay ahead of your competition, the SEO process cannot be ignored. It requires constant assessment, reporting, monitoring and regular updates to content, images, meta tags etc. The Flo Web Design Team can help you find the best solution for your business to increase the traffic and visitors to your website.

SEO Performance Inspection Service

With this service, Flo Web Design will carry out a comprehensive assessment of your website’s current performance in the organic searches. We assess your website on all the relevant KPI’s including Page Title, Page Description, Meta Tags, Written Content, Keyword frequency, Image Tags, Mobile responsiveness, Load times, Security and Social Media Integration.

We also verify your Google Business account and set up Google Analytics.

SEO Maintenance & Updates Service

SEO Maintenance and Updates are the most important element in increasing the appearance of your site in organic searches in search engines like Google. To stay ahead of your competitors your website needs to be kept updated with popular and trending keywords associated with your business. As part of your Flo Web Design SEO service, we will regularly update all the current and popular key words that affect the amount of traffic being directed to your site. We will also advise on content and image revisions where applicable.

By following the Flo Web Design SEO advice, we are confident that your website will appear more often in the Google Organic searches and drive more traffic and visitors to your website.

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Social Media Marketing

The huge success of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and LinkedIn gives business an opportunity to convert their online followers to customers.  Therefore, it makes perfect sense to combine all aspects of your online presence together.

Integrating your preferred social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc can have a major effect on your rankings within search engines.

The ability to share new posts from a blog or news section from your website as you post them makes managing your online presence much simpler.

Making all of your blog or news posts shareable from your site means that visitors can share directly to their personal accounts thus becoming an ambassador for your product or service.

SEO & Digital Marketing
SEO & Digital Marketing

Google Adwords

Whether you’re looking to attract new website visitors, grow your online sales or keep customers coming back to your site, Google AdWords can help.
With Google Adwords you can measure how many people notice your adverts and what percentage of people click to visit your website.
Having a Goggle Adwords account can be really useful for your business and for measuring the performance of your website.

We offer a campaign management service which includes the management of key words, budget, campaign schedule and target markets. As data is collected we revise all key word data and implement changes where appropriate and advise on content revisions for trending or newer related key word search criteria.

Flo Web Design offer Google Adwords packages where we can help you set up, manage and maintain your account.

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All-inclusive Packages

At Flo Web Design we believe in transparency which is why we offer fully inclusive packages.

Our quotes are fully detailed with no additional extras guaranteed. Our packages include domain name and hosting for the first year, consultancy meeting and research, a fully tailored design, design revisions, stock photography, content management system, full development, content insertion, styling and much more.


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