How to send emails through your internet service provider

When setting up an email account on any system, unless restrictions on your end, you should be able to set up to send email either using your own mail server settings on our server OR send emails through your own internet service provider, in other words, the company providing you with internet connection.

Whatever the reason to do so, you should be able to choose.

Please note that if you choose to send through your own mail server, the settings required have been send to you when your email was set up for the first time, please contact us if you need them back.

In order to change the way you send email you will need to change your outgoing settings. Regardless of the system you are using doing so is similar on most system, below you will find instructions on how to change your outgoing mail settings on outlook 2013.

Step 1: open outlook and go to file >> Accounts settings (on outlook 2013), for older versions, go to tools >> account settings

Step2: Double click on the account you want to change

Step 3: under the outgoing mail server settings, change to the server you want, then click on the “More Settings” button

OUtgoing server settings on outlook


Step 4: Under “More Settings” go to the “Outgoing Server” tab:

• If you are sending using your own outgoing server settings, you MUST tick the option “My outgoing server requires authentication”, leaving the option “Use the same settings as my incoming mail” ticked. You will get sending errors without.
• If you are sending using your internet service provider, most than likely the option “My outgoing server requires authentication” should NOT be ticked. This means that just about anyone using their services can send email through their server.


By in large if you want to send through your internet service provider you will need to ask them for the settings, however, here is some settings for the most common ISP’s in Ireland:

Those are know as Outgoing SMTP settings:

  • Eircom: or
  • Vodafone:
  • O2:
  • Three:
  • Magnet:
  • Digiweb:
  • Imagine:
  • Smart telecom:
  • UPC: