How to Set up an Email to Windows Phones and Tablets

In order to set up an email account on a Windows phone please follow the following instructions.

Please excuse the quality of the pictures, these have been taken from a Windows Phone 7 which do not take screen shots!.

Before starting you should have the following information at hand:

  • Username and password. Your username (for our clients) is your full email address
  • The incoming and outgoing mail server
  • The incoming and outgoing ports

If you do not have this information at hand please contact us before you start.

Note: you can set up your account as either a POP 3 account or IMAP account. Please check the difference between the two before you start.
The set up below is for a POP3 account, setting up as an IMAP is similar simply using the different ports provided.

Step 1:
From our home screen slide across to view a list of apps and go to settings.

Step 2:
In settings click on email + account, then click on add an account

Step 3:
Select other account, POP or IMAP

Step 4:
Enter your email address and password and click on sign in
At this stage, it is likely you will be given an error and told your account could not be found, click on “Advanced setup” and the on “Internet Email”

Step 5:
Enter your detail (make sure the username is the full email address), make sure the outgoing server requires authentication and use the same username and password for sending email are both ticked, the click on sign in.


You should be done