How to Add an Email Account to an Android Device

The following set up instructions should work on just about any version of Android, but the graphics and wording may vary slightly.

Before starting you should have the following information at hand:

  • Username and password. Your username (for our clients) is your full email address
  • The incoming and outgoing mail server
  • The incoming and outgoing ports

If you do not have this information at hand please contact us before you start.

Note: you can set up your account as either a POP 3 account or IMAP account. Please check the difference between the two before you start.
The set up below is for a POP3 account, setting up as an IMAP is similar simply using the different ports provided.


Step 1:

From your home screen you will notice an email icon, click on it.

Adding an email to a samsung galaxy part 1


Step 2:

If this is your first account, you will be directed to start the installation.
If you already have an account there click on the setting button (physical button outside of the screen) and select add new account.

Simply fill in your email address and password. Click next to let the phone search for the settings or click manual setup if you wish to enter your settings manually.
The easiest option is to select next and see if the phone can find your settings but it seems to guess more than detect and is often wrong, it is therefore important you verify the information prefilled for you on the next steps.

Step2 of adding a pop 3 account to an android phone


Step 3:

The phone will then ask you what type of account you are using, select pop 3

POP3 selection on a samsung smart phone


Step 4:

You will then be shown the settings either detected by the phone, make sure the username is your full email address and not only anything before the @ (if this is the username you were given).
Also ensure the pop3 server is correct, this would be the same as your incoming mail server and is generally
I will leave the rest of the options as presented and click next.

Attention: the figure below shows a set up as regular mail, if you wish to set up a secure mail the port number will be different and the security type will be SSL, please contact us if you need the settings for secure mail.

Step 4 of adding an email to Android


Step 5:

The next screen will ask me to verify my outgoing mail server.
I will be using our own outgoing mail server but it is also possible to use your ISP outgoing server.

You may need to check the port with your service provider, on many servers the settings are 25 on regular mail for the port but often the phone will add another port there.

I will also tick the require sign in button which is required on this account.

Attention: if using secure mail the settings will be different, please contact us if you require those.


Step 6:

You are nearly done. Simply select how often you want the phone to check for new emails and click next.

Set the frequency of emails


Step 7:

On the final screen you will be asked to fill in your account name and give it a display name:

Finalise adding an email to your smart phone