How to Add an Email Account to an IOS Device

The following instructions apply to iPhones and iPads including mini iPads, all versions.

Please note, there may be small differences in the wording depending on versions but overall the following should apply.

Before to start you should have the following information at hand:

  • Username and password. Your username (for our clients) is your full email address
  • The incoming and outgoing mail server
  • The incoming and outgoing ports

If you do not have this information at hand please contact us before to start.

Note: you can set up your account as either a POP 3 account or IMAP account. Please check the difference between the two before you start.
The set up below is for a POP3 account, setting up as an IMAP is similar simply using the different ports provided.

Important: iPhones can take some time in collecting the settings online, I would strongly advise to do this while connected to a wifi network

Common issues: depending on the phone the system may pick up the wrong port number, this is something which can be fixed by going into the incoming and outgoing mail settings.

From the home screen, click on settings

Setting up an email on an iphone

The click on Mail, contacts, calendars

Adding an email to iphone step 2

Click on add Account…

Iphone add email step 3

Click on Other

Adding a pop 3 on iphone step 4

Click Add mail Account

pop3 on iphone step5

Fill in your email detail and click next at the top

Iphone add pop 3 step 6

After searching for a few seconds you will be brought to a screen asking you for the full detail.

Make sure you select POP (as opposed to IMAP), then fill in your incoming and outgoing mail server detail and click save.

Select POP3 on the iphone 4

incoming mail detail for iphone

The phone may look for several seconds (it often takes substantially more than just a few seconds) and may end giving you a message “cannot connect using SSL, Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL?”

This means you are using the regular mail settings, either click yes to continue OR (recommended) change the settings to use the secure mail / SSL settings you have been provided with.


The phone will then come back to the original screen with your account added, you are done!

Common errors are to select IMAP as opposed to POP 3 which would prevent the phone to connect to your server.

You may also get an error when trying to send emails:

You can receive emails but are getting an error “cannot connect to the outgoing mail server” or similar

The problem is mostly like with the authentication settings.

Go to settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select the email account.

Scroll down to SMTP and click on it >> Select your primary server and review what has been selected under “Authentication”. Some servers do not require authentication. For our own customers please use “Password”.

Password authenitcation to send mail on iphone 4

You are done!