Why Facebook Advertising Can Work For Your Business

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Aside from changing your Facebook content strategy, the best way to reach your Facebook audience and be seen on people’s news feed is to use Facebook advertising.  Facebook have revealed that approx. 2 million small to medium businesses advertise on Facebook, which proves that there are many benefits of advertising on Facebook.  If you’re unsure whether or not you should use Facebook ads see 5 reasons why Facebook advertising can work for your business below.

  1. Advertise on a low budget – The minimum spend on Facebook advertising is from €5 per day, however even with this small budget you can still get results. You can reach thousands of people that meet your specific targeting criteria. With multiple bid types available, you can choose which bidding structure you want for your campaign.
  2. Audience targeting – Facebook advertising provides you the opportunity to tune in on your audience. You’re able to reach new people who are similar to your customer base, and are likely to be interested in your business. This gives you the ability to be more precise in your audience targeting because of the data that’s available through people’s profiles, such as the users’ gender and location.
  3. A/B testing capabilities – When running your Facebook Ad campaigns for your product, it can be pretty hard to predict what kind of ad design will work better for you or which demographic audience will be more likely to buy your product. Testing your ads allows you to make changes to improve the content of your ad and gain valuable insight to what works and doesn’t work. Facebook offers advertisers the ability to A/B test their content through their new split ad testing tool allowing you to find the best audience for your ads.
  4. Reach your mobile audience – In 2014 Facebook had 1.19 billion mobile monthly active users Worldwide, with 745 million daily active users on mobile. That’s a large amount of people on mobile, and with Facebook ads, you’re able to reach your audience with the touch of a button. Mobile usage has also surpassed desktop usage in 2014, which is another reason why Facebook advertising benefits your business in reaching your mobile audience.
  5. Facebook insights – The Facebook insights allows you to understand how people are engaging with your page as well as your ads. Metrics you can track include: page performance metrics, engagement metrics, Using Facebook insights allows you to support your Facebook ad strategy allowing you to control your ad spend and improve conversions that leads to higher sales.

Facebook advertising allows businesses to increase their brand awareness and sales, through audience targeting.

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