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Reducing costs while maintaining high standards of work is very important in today’s commercial environment.  Using a product that enhances your work and has a fast payback time is important to the success of every business.  With over 35 years of experience behind us, we at Condell Engineering can be instrumental in helping you develop your business.

Developed by pipe-fitter/ welder Cyril Condell, PAT, the Pipe Alignment Trolley is the most innovative pipe fitting tool to come on the market.  It is fit for purpose and we believe will revolutionise pipe-fitting.  It is “a must have” tool for any pipe company that is looking for increased productivity and profitability while improving on accuracy and safety.

PAT the Pipe Alignment Trolley is a pipe fabrication clamp/tool easily used to align pipe (pup) to fitting, and fitting to fitting (elbow, flanges, tees, reducers) for tacking prior to welding. It is a mobile positioner, suitable for a single operator, combining jig action and clamping for all pipe configurations from 3” to 16” and for all industrial sectors.

By using PAT you achieve an improvement in the three main elements in pipe fabrication:  Production, Quality and Safety.

PAT the Pipe Alignment Trolley increases safety, accuracy and efficiency in pipefitting for all.

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