New site for Family Lawyers Association

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The aims and objectives of the Family Lawyers Association are:

  • To promote the highest standards in the practice of family law.
  • To seek improvements in legislative provisions and administrative procedures concerning family law.
  • To operate as a forum for professionals who practice family law.
  • To provide information and education regarding family law and as to how it is administered.

The Family Lawyers Association views this website as a central tool in promoting and discharging these aims and objectives. The site outlines the work of the Association and its members and gives information in regard to those aspects of family law which most impact on members of the public. The Members section provides a more detailed resource base for research into the many different areas of family law.

Ordinary Membership is open to all practising Solicitors and Barristers. Associate Membership is open to former or retired Solicitors and Barristers, Judges and associated professionals at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

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