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5 Reasons why Google Adwords can help to promote your Business

One of the most popular ways to advertise your business online is by using Google Adwords.

AdWords is an advertising service for businesses wanting to market their products or services through display ads on Google and other search engines. This enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click on the adverts. This service is largely focused on keywords (a word or phrase which can be associated with your business), which runs as an automated auction.


  1. Measurable and Flexible – Adwords can be measured to see what return you are getting on your investment. In other words when someone is clicking on your ad campaign are they following your call to action plan or availing of your product or service? It is also flexible where you can measure what is working or not working and amend your campaign accordingly.
  2. Faster Results – Unlike Search Engine Optimization where it can take months before you notice any results, you can see results almost immediately. Once your campaign goes live, ads will appear in the search engines and you’ll receive instant results.
  3. Engaging – You can reach and engage more closely with your potential clients using product listing ads and in-video ads.
  4. Control your costs – you can set a maximum Daily, Weekly or Monthly spend which allows you to manage your campaign without worrying if you are going over your budget. You can also run campaigns at non-peak times throughout the year to help increase your sales.
  5. Beat the Competition – when using adwords you can have an advantage over your competitors. As you will already be appearing in search engines your site will be receiving more clicks, than most of the other companies in your industry, also helping to promote your brand.


How to Set Up a Google AdWords Campaign
Putting a Google Adwords Campaign in place


Step 1 – Budget and Targeting Options: Decide on your budget, then where and when you would like your ads to appear. Some of the options cover types of device, location and time.

Step 2 – Write your Ad Content: Think about what you want to say/promote and design the text of your ads accordingly.

Step 3 – Select Search Words: Next, you select the words, which you want to promote your ads, and set bids for each keyword.

Step 4 – Measure Performance: Throughout the campaign, track your performance, learn from the results and update the campaign on a regular basis.


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