Adding a POP 3 account to Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is the free to use mail software from Microsoft available from Windows 7 as a replacement to Outlook Express. The software is available as part of Windows Essentials.

It should be noted that Windows Live Mail is far more limited than Outlook itself, therefore Outlook should be seen as a far more complete business tool.

Before to start you should have the following information at hand:

  • Username and password. Your username (for our clients) is your full email address
  • The incoming and outgoing mail server
  • The incoming and outgoing ports

If you do not have this information at hand please contact us before to start.

Note: you can set up your account as either a POP 3 account or IMAP account. Please check the difference between the two before you start.
The set up below is for a POP3 account, setting up as an IMAP is similar simply using the different ports provided.

Go get started go to Tools and click on Accounts…

Setting up a pop 3 account on windows mail

Once you click on accounts a small window will open, click add:

Step 2 of account an email to Windows Live mail


Select Email Account if it is not already selected and click on Next:

Adding a pop 3 to Windows mail step 3


Enter your detail as supplied by your provider and click next:

Step 4 of adding a pop 3 to windows mail


Enter the server detail:
The port is pre filled at 110 and this is usually correct if using regular mail, however if using secure mail this will be wrong and it is recommended you enter your server settings manually at the previous step. Please contact us if you do not have your secure mail settings. Please note that in many cases “My outgoing server requires authentication” must be ticked, this is the case for email accounts for our customers.

If you wish to set up an IMAP, NOW is the time to change it as you will be unable to do it at a later stage. Make sure the port is change to the correct port (will depend if you use secure mail or regular mail) if you set up as IMAP.

Step 5 fo adding a pop 3 account


Once you click next you should be done.

Be aware that Windows Live Mail has let you entered your email details but at this stage as not tested them. Going back to the main screen click on “Sync” which is equivalent to the Send and Receive from Outlook.

If you get errors verify the detail entered. Commun errors is the name before the @ being used as username in stead of the full email address, typos in the incoming or outgoing mail server, “My outgoing server required authentication” is not ticked where it should and vice and versa.

Hope this helps!